Morecambe is a town on the Lancashire coast incorporating three small villages, Poulton le Sands named in the Domesday book as Poltune, the ‘le Sands’ was added in the 19th century in order to distinguish it from Poulton Le Fylde further down the coast. Bare and Torrisholme listed as Toredholme in the Domesday book.

In 1846 the Morecambe Harbour and Railway Company was formed to build a harbour on. Morecambe Bay, close to the tiny fishing village of Poulton, it also built a connecting railway. By 1850 the railway linked Skipton, Keithley and Bradford in Yorkshire, and a settlement began to grow up around the harbour and railway to service the port as a holiday destination.

As the population grew and absorbed the three small villages in began to be known locally as Morecambe, this name was officially adopted in 1889.

Morecambe was a thriving sea side town in the first half of the 20th century, and where it’s southern neighbour Blackpool attracted it’s visitors from the Lancashire mill towns, Morecambe’s visitors came from Yorkshire and Scotland due to it’s rail links with those areas.

Towards the latter half of the 20th century however Morecambe suffered from a decline after a number of unfortunate incidents. It lost two piers, one washed away during a storm in 1978, and the other finally closed in 1992.
In 1994 the tourist attraction ‘The world of Crinkley Bottom’ closed after only a few weeks of operation and a minor scandal involving council finances. The towns swimming pool and the fairground followed shortly afterwards.

During concern regarding the decline of Morecambe, a local fashion store revived the Miss Morecambe beauty contest almost thirty years after it had fallen out of favour, and in 2002 the R.N.L.I sighted it’s first hovercraft in Morecambe.

In recent years it has seen quite a revival, it plays host to a kite flying festival, a jazz festival and a 1950’s festival. It’s mot famous land mark is a statue by Graham Ibbeson of John Eric Bartholomew, better know to the world at large as Eric Morecambe.


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